Full gee – Roses and gangs Lyrics

Roses and gangs Lyrics

Full gee
Evertime I think about you
Roses are red violets are blue
Everytime unaswithch your moods
She come from the ghetto she live in da hood
I don\’t do my shit by the book
Judging the book n they call me a crook
Si unajua tunapiga malean
Cop in a benz tunapiga maspin
Everytime when I spit its a sin
Throw hiyo shit kwa recycle bin
Wanajua ninapenda kuwin
Monday narap but Friday nasing
On my teeth ni ma sliver mbling
Napenda kufreeze and I’m packing the heat
Hii rap imejaza wazazi makilli wa jana but mimi ndo King
Babygirl anapenda kuspin
Superman I got lazer beams
Babygirl anapenda kuspin
Superman I got lazer beams
Huyo morio anasеma ni gay fuk it man I don\’t play for that team
And I\’m always straight to the ting
Kama unangori nipate kwa wing
Wanabonga wanabonga wanashit huh hawa manigga wako pisssеd
C.o.d c.o.d c.o.d we don’t do pub gee
Hawa mamoro wanapenda kusnitch huh ni majudas kiss
I got silvers on my fingers huh nina iron fist

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