FoolDAZOOL – Don't even L Lyrics


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I dont know what to do

You smell like some gooy poo
You look like yo name was a dude who had a food
Yeah i am in a mood
I eat like so chicken so
Everytime i dance on the flo i eat the do do ododo do odod

I ain\’t spam
I jst bam
I be walkin lkike that talkin
I dont take genius seriously
Don\’t even l
Ima rebel
Sucj dat dell
You like a fell
You kinda off fell
Rebel the propel to dell
Suca that soo
TEC in face like a macde

Ok i do stuff u can\’t
Dont eben or you will rant
Im not kevin durant
But i eat many fire ants
Ayy ayy ayy okay
I am so fire that dire
Youy look lke some pie or
I like one threes wit da dee


Ayy yuh ayy yuh
Ayy yuh ayy yuh
Whats this song called again
Oh yeah
Dont even
You fat L
Ay ay you l
Ay ay you an L
Dont even L

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