Finn sigil – Only you Lyrics

Finn sigil

Why you tell me nothing?
You said it was nothing, but you lied yeah
I can\’t understand what you tryna say, you don\’t make sense
I can\’t fucking fit in
It\’s okay, I could fucking care less
If you say you know me, man you lying
What, what would you do, if I said, if I said what I meant?
Feeding my hand, it turning red, I think I missed the sign
Too many enemies, don\’t know the end of what I see, of what I see with
But I look up and it\’s all black, and I can\’t see them
It\’s okay, alright
I want ?, a certain deep end, it\’s true

Nothing you can do
? with your two, eyes, uh
They come out disguise

You don\’t know me (You don\’t know me, know me)
And why the fuck you wanna be me?
Shoot me dead on my TV
Screaming at the ceiling
Wake up every day, the same way
I\’m speaking the streets, you hear me
It\’s truth, it\’s yours only you
(it\’s only you, it\’s only you, it\’s only you)
It\’s only you, it\’s only you, it\’s only you
It\’s only you
It\’s on-only only

The truth is always out there
The answer
No key, no lock
Just survive, I\’m dead

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