FinEsseMo – Gotham City Lyrics


(Damn, how do you feel?)
Aye (Gang), aye (Gang)

My shit really major, guns equipped wit\’ lasers
I put my trust into my switch, like that\’s my lord and savior
We pop shit like Henry Danger, know that you in danger
Fuck, richer than a bitch, but we still watching cable (Fuck nigga)
I beat a nigga ass, just because I\’m able (Boom, boom)
Gotham City shit, how I run the table (Uh huh, on gang)
Ain\’t that \’bout a bitch? You hit from every angle
.45 it\’ll blow off yo\’ waist (Okay)
Nah, fuck that, it\’ll blow off yo\’ face (Bitch)
We could go body for body (Uh huh), we could go case for case (Okay)
You pussy, you paid for the body (Facts)
You fed, you belong to the state (Okay)
I\’m everything these niggas hate (Okay)
Up, stick, erase (Okay)
Up, stick, erasе (Okay)
Up, stick, erase (Okay)
I can\’t evеn fuck wit\’ these niggas no more, \’cause they mad \’bout them dead ass opps (Where you goin\’?)
I\’m \’bout to up it and flock on a nigga, just wait \’till my loadout drop (Okay)
You internet beef, I\’ma meet me a nigga, that\’s how his lil\’ bro got popped (Fuck nigga)
The only bitch I like to talk to is Siri, \’cause she got the drop on the opps (The opps)
I know that boy pussy, he really a jake, if we shoot then he calling the cops (Okay)
Batman K, Gotham City, I really be calling the shots (Fuck nigga)

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