Fbf K.O – Rebellion Lyrics


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Picture me being just like you/ sorry but I could never stoop to level I excercute, perfectly like a parachute/ I\’m just giving something that\’s hard to listen to, cuz point of view is a poor excuse/ like alcohol abuse, now what you gonna do with that bottle of goose/ that you can\’t use to buy a pair of shoes for ur baby you can\’t pick up from school/ you pick and choose, from ur old ways to the new you/ like every year like resolutions just need a pre boost/ I refuse to listen to lies no one beliеves you/ I tear the roof off of thеse rappers that I can see thru, you need proof/ I closed alotta chapters on my walk thru, with no clue/ or no witnesses left here to console you; I\’m confused… on how you think you could fuck with kufu master inside of this booth/ kicking ass like the damn truth, oh least it\’s nice to know you thought I approachable, or comfortable around these other losers you mistake me for/ just maybe or you got me fuck up sideways without baby oil/ I\’ll take the charge for killing these rappers wheres the extension cord/…. I\’m getting bored of these amateur; rappers, I seen before and after I close the door faster, than when rain pours/ one shot and encore, will leave ur brains on the plain floor, you want more but of course what the fuck would you ask for/ I go from 0 to 300 lamborghini dashboard, better watch ur lip just like a cold sore/ that hard, work/clockwork Ent hitting fast Forward/ I don\’t need a buggy to let you know what is in store/ I spit bars that go over ur head like what you in for, Mr Miagi of the rap game call me mentor/ I don\’t have the words to explain this blink picture/ you can\’t see well take a walk with me on this venture/ world tour, bring Dora along we bout to explore; all of them skeletons in ur closet like a world war/ Skeletor ass looking nigga, in a figure four; stupid ass niggas can\’t configure all this literature/ you can photoshop it but can\’t take me out tha boy/ fbf k.o was here, you can tell by the signature

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