Evilich – Twistful vituperative affinity Lyrics

Twistful vituperative affinity Lyrics

Withered consciousness
Pray to runic sigil
Decompose your mentality
Rotten rose’s wherever i blurr through
Tear drop of a ghost
Dripping through nothingness
Boy im not a hoax
Candle with your name on it
Elder diety
All seeing spirit
Learn wit me
Grow with me
Shes like satan
My favorite angel
Cast a spell
Afterwards burn the sigils
Soul gets taken to the afterworld
Live decomposing corpse
Lich witch witch lich
I have eternal life
Im addicted to my cause
Eternal vibe
No life
So no flaws
The raven caws
I arrive n life die
Life-force of all added to mine
I melt your mind
Melt through your speakers
Waves radiate through your drums
Spell is cast job is done

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