Evilich – Shovel Lyrics

Shovel Lyrics

She just want me
For my drugs
Not my love
Ion give her none anyways
Was gonna send her a song
Just to flex
Hers weak
N ion want no
Reek play
On a good song
Whyd i give her a chance
She just another floozy
Ion wanna floozy
I wanna woozy
So we can trip
N experience
While doing absolutely nothing
The chicks ain nun
Can\’t write lyrics
Can\’t do nun
Can\’t come up with they own style
Can\’t do nun
Use my lyrics i suggested
Try n steal my cover art style
Dont worry girly
Itll just take awhile
N ill make sum
Art so unique n complexx
That you won\’t figure out the stеps
So ittl be all mine
Have fun wasting yo timе trying

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