Evilich – Rotten roses Lyrics

Rotten roses Lyrics

The silence is screaming
My ears keep ringing
My skin keeps sinking
Endlessly falling
Lost in the wind
Drowning in a endless pool and i can swim
Wanna cut my arm wide open
So i cut my arm wide open
I feel nothing when i cut
The blade will no long help
Nothing can ever help
So alone nobody ever hang with me
So i take lsd n dont watch tv
I walk in the dark woods
Chasing the witch of the night
She teaches me her spells i always do them right
Cast a spell on you i feel like veneca
Take all your blood so i can paint sigils and invoke thoth
Everyday i dont wanna move just like a sloth
Shawty n i look crazy we be goth
Fly away like a black witch moth

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