Evilich – Labyrinth Lyrics

Labyrinth Lyrics

Boutta do datura
Now im on my Nokia 7650
Hello kitty stickers on it
Crying crystals
In my pitch black room
Crows and centipedes
Lit by candle light
Doldrums is my new home
Brain feels so askew
My frequencies were miscued
Whyd my mania have to end
My cuts just finished healing
Need to take my meds
But they dont heal me
My heart is in so much pain
It’s screaming
I can feel it shaking and shivering
Its not even cold
Actually its hot in here
Soul mustve screamed for help so loud
The devil came himself
I can sense a presеnce in this room
Feels like their in thе corner
Or right behind me
I look around and no one is there
Demon must be here
But i show no fear
Because im really not afraid
I work with spirits and entities all day

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