​ericdoa – PULLUPINTHAT* Lyrics


Bah, awoo, bah, bah, wha, wha?
Hop in that, hop in that, yeah yeah, hop in that, hop in that

Pull up in that what-the-fuck
I walk in yo spot with a choppa don\’t give a fuck
And yo bitch suck me off I ain\’t givin\’ hugs
Brodie pass me the pump and I hit his lungs
International name, yeah it\’s DOA
I\’m seeing Ash, ? BOA
They wasn\’t listening till I dropped COA
Play with my money lil boy you gon see today
If you want, I pull up in the trackhawk
? to his face and he can\’t talk
You\’re telling me that\’s his ?
Crack in his smile, and my strap ha
I feel like Future, run in with my mask off
? feelin\’ like Jimmy, I blast off
Why you disrespect me boy? I don\’t do backtalk

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