Eradicate – PLUG VOMIT Lyrics



• VERSE 1:

I just left the plug house
I\’m fuckin throwing up
I had fell outside the car
And my bitch had pick me up
I was laying in my vomit
Rollin round in my shit
I ain\’t took a fucking shower
Bitch I stank, I smell like shit
I pull up at the Dollar Store
And i\’ma steal some food
And my Cat got a Glock
What the fuck, I swallowed Shrooms
I really need the Doom Slayer
Demons in my Room
But i\’m the fucking Demon
Put my brains on the moon

• VERSE 2:

Call me Edicius, cause I hang where the ropes at
I\’m leaking through the floor
Tryna float, where the Ghosts at
Mommy told me no, I can\’t go
Where them folks at
Dead on the floor, 107
I ain\’t know that, fuck
I swear to God I wanna die
Who said something, stand up
Pussy, you can try
All these drums full, guns full
Bullets bout to fly
We gone go to the other side
Where we burn alive

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