EpicRapBattles10 – The Giant Battle Lyrics


1: Google
Season One is over, so stop defendin
Because the best battler of the season belongs to my Google search engine
While the rest of you are out here getting abused
Just like your girlfriend, Google\’s always being used

2: Bing
Shut the hell up, Google! Get out of here, skidaddle
Is someone a little bitchy after losing the first battlе?
As for the rest of you, you can\’t evеn compare
Bing is where it\’s at, so don\’t even dare

3: Charlie Sheen
My name is Charlie Sheen, and I do hardcore drugs
Your Search Engines seriously need to shut the hell up
You think that you\’re better rappers? That\’s clearly untrue
If I can take Rebecca Black, I can TAKE YOU TOO

4: Rebecca Black
Charlie Sheen? Looks like we meet again
How\’s house arrest? Looks like you aren\’t making any friends
All you pathetic rappers are beyond fake
But I still can\’t decide, which seat should I take?

5: Justin Bieber
Are you kidding, Rebecca? Look what you just started
Come talk to me when you sell out your tickets at the Garden
You can\’t rap or sing, so what can you do?
Hell, even my hair has more flow than you

6: Santa Claus
HO HO HO, Looks like you\’re all pissed
Go ahead and diss me, I\’ll put ALL your asses on the Naughty List
I\’m on the beat, none of you can diss this
I\’m delivering fresh rhymes, and it\’s not even Christmas

7: Jack Sparrow
Oh, Santa, go work on your belly
If I cut you open, you would probably spill jelly
Forget this battle, man, I\’ll just be done
But before I go, does anyone have some rum?

8: Harry Potter
Jack Sparrow, go ship your ass back out to sea
I\’m so popular, I got a whole movie series named after me
Look at you, you\’re a pirate that\’s rapping
I\’ll call you Jack Sparrow, cause you don\’t deserve the CAPTAIN

9: Mickey Mouse
Oh, boy, Listen to you all
Come to Disney and battle, and we\’ll all have a ball

10: Bill Clinton
Ah, shut up, Mickey, You\’re making me mad
I prefer Bush Gardens over your stupid park\’s ass

11: Michael Vick
I get so much money, I can\’t even guess the amount
You\’ve slept with so many women, Clinton, that you can\’t even count

12: The Joker
HA! You will all be over very soon
With a click of this button, you\’ll all go KABOOM

13: Willy Wonka
You\’ve lit the spark, but i\’ll ignite the fuse
Not to mention my rap battle has over 2 million views

14: Ronald McDonald
Willy Wonka, I don\’t think you understand
Your candy is NOT their most popular demand

15: The Grinch
Ronald McDonald, just shut the hell up
Every time I visit, you put flat soda in my cup

16: Shrek
You all just rap in one big loop
I\’ll throw you all in a pot and make MORE pussy soup

17: Barack Obama
Hello, my fellow Americans, send out your faxes
I lied to you when I said that I would lower your taxes

18: Osama Bin Laden
Obama, you\’re pathetic, look at the mirror\’s reflection
Nobody will vote for you in the upcoming election

19: Eminem
I\’m the King of Rap, so wipe off that smile
Put on your running boots, and I\’ll make all your asses run 8 Miles

20: MMs:
I\’m just a candy on the shelf and I\’m still rappin
Look at the 21st Century, I mean, what the hell happened?

21: Spiderman
Climbing up walls, catch me if you can
Because coming soon, is The Amazing Spiderman

22: Captain Hook
Captain time! I\’m coming in
And for the first time in a while, the bad guy will win

23: Severus Snape
I may look like a bad guy, but clearly I\’m heroic
I\’m a legit rapper, you all sound like poets

24: Lord Voldemort
What a disgrace to rap battle you all
Your raps are so terrible, it\’s like the Bobcats playing basketball

25: Jeremy Lin
It\’s been a while, hasn\’t it? But now I\’m back
I\’ll shoot a game-winning shot while spitting some raps

26: Tim Tebow
Jeremy Lin, I haven\’t even heard of you in forever
The next time you make headline news? Probably never

27: Katniss Everdeen
I\’m the bravest one here! Why can\’t you see?
You have a better chance in the Hunger Games than you do against me

28: Hermione Granger
Look at you! You\’re terrible, Katniss
You\’re so poor, you\’d probably drink some cat piss

29: Eli Manning
Look at me now, I put the \”Man\” in Manning
\’Cause this rap battle plane is only just about landing
I\’m on the air, you\’re touching ground
I throw the ball in the air, TOUCHDOWN

30: Peyton Manning
Oh my God, my brother, didn\’t you learn the first time?
Not only can you not rhyme, it\’s way past your bedtime
This battle is over, I clearly beat you
And stay tuned here, for Season Number two

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