EpicDiamondX – Robot 64 RAP Lyrics

I am powered on!
And i am greeted to Dr.Smarchibliss
I dont know what rhymes with Dr.Smarchibliss…
But anyways, my name is Beebo
Before i continue let me finish the tutorial
Okay now i am at the hub
And i got an objective!
Gotta get every single ice-creams to shoot the Sun with
Before it burns everything
It\’s gonna be super hot and, Fire bad!
I am gonna be the one who stop this so dont feel sad

You underestimate me? well, you better not!
\’Cause i am a super-charged AI powerеd robot
Getting a bunch of ice-creams, is a long shot
Gotta cold thе Sun down \’Cause is burning us non-stop

Having fun, destroy the Sun, my name is Beebo so it can be done
Gotta travel


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