Epic Rap Battles of Pokémon – Poképasta Battle Royale Lyrics

Epic Rap Battles of Pokémon

Epic Rap Battles of Pokemon
Lost Silver
Creepy Black

1: Lost Silver
I\’M DEAD, I want to live to spit this curse at you
Turn back now or you\’ll be sent to your doom
Cyndaquil says \”HURRY\” \’cause this GHOST will be Unown
I\’ll leave you in chains like the Pokémon I own
The forgotten hero haunts this spawn of Lavender Town
This is the battle of your life. The run option\’s not allowed
LEAVE, or it\’ll be your soul that I pilfer
In this battle of horrors, you\’ll take second place silver

2: Creepy Black
Black\’s here to hack through your silver soul and brain
You think you\’ll win? Man, the word \”Lost\” is in your name
GHOST is in your party, the Lavender Town sprite spirit
I\’ll curse you first, evеn though in Generation 1, that move wasn\’t in it
You can\’t stеp to me. Hell, you can\’t step at all
Can\’t catch this brawling ghost inside a Pokéball
You\’re too scared to move. You\’re about to get owned
And on the place I finish you off, there\’ll stand a tombstone

3: Lost Silver
NOMORE, Your raps are giving me FRUSTRATION
You can\’t K.O. me! This will be my domination
Celebi will sing a Perish Song and have our Pain Split
Your data will be erased! REST IN 8 BITS

4: Creepy Black
Don\’t be giving me that Mean Look, or I\’ll use my Curse ability
You\’re Lost, Silver, when you come up against me
I murder every trainer I face. Don\’t even bother to fight
It\’s time to put you to sleep, \’cause this is your very last night

Do you love me? If not, I\’ll use my thunderbolt
I know you\’ll never leave once I catch your souls
It\’s so cold down here, but my rhymes are so hot
Like what my owner did to me, I\’ll leave you all to ROT
You don\’t know the pain that\’s going in my chest
All of you were lying to me when you said your disses were the best
I\’d rather die than listen to your lame excuses of raps
When you see my plushy in the room, it\’ll end in a BLOODBATH

6: Buried Alive
Let me come out from the ground and make you stop your strife
My time to shine and finally rip apart your lives
It\’s over, Pikachu, Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
\’Cause all you flee in fright when BURIEDALIVE wants to fight
Won\’t be tame when I\’ve glitched your game, you\’re lame, will never be saved
\’Cause my claim to fame: taking jokes like you to your graves
Finally, fresh meat, I\’ve been waiting almost a century
You\’ve reached the final floor! Now it\’s time to get BURIED

7: Missingno.
The true killer king has arrived to break your demise
No one will be missing you when I make you all di-I-I-I-I-I-I-e
Your pants, you\’ll be splitting when Missingno.\’s spitting
These lyrics were written in the blood that\’s dripping
From your quitting, barely living heads since I\’m hitting and ripping
There\’s missing-no way you\’ll win versus this verbal ass-kicking
Time\’s ticking, and ticking, and I\’m winning, and grinning
I\’m the glitching killing forbidden beginning of your spine-splitti-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-ing

8: Strangled Red
I have no reason to be here, but I\’ll take you all down anyways
You guys thinking you\’re the best has driven me even more crazed
In a world that cheated me, why should I play fair?
Just like me when Miki died, you\’ll all be driven to despair
I\’ll kill you all,  I\’m gonna do it,  You don\’t wanna know what\’s going in my mind
This win is MINE,  Your guys\’ victory is something you can\’t find
Nothing can be saved now, prepare your necks,  I\’ll strangle you all, there won\’t be a reset
When you step up to me, you\’ll end up dead,  With the last thing you see is the color of red

9: White Hand
I can\’t believe you think that you all understand
You\’re nothing, but at least now you\’re in my hand
Crashing through this battle, rapping \’till you faint from this happening
Taking over your game \’cause your bodies aren\’t the only thing I\’m hacking
Trust me, you\’ll be missing with no one to find the remains
All of you are fighting for supremacy, but your rapping\’s the same
Make all the noises you want. It\’ll prove to be futile
When I rip you into pieces, you\’ll know I made this battle BRUTAL

10: Hypno\’s Lullaby
Come with me, little children, Safe and happy you\’ll all be
As you rest in your beds and I DEVOUR ALL YOUR DREAMS
Don\’t cry, it\’s fine. Hypno wouldn\’t hurt a fly
Fortunately, all of you are NON-INVERTEBRATE SLIME
Got to Hand it to you, White. At least you proved you aren\’t the worst
Because Missingno. blew for every second of his verse
Hypno lied to you all. Sorry, now you\’re dead and done
Stay with me forever, we\’ll have so much fun

11: Lavender Town Syndrome
Come and listen to my song, I\’ll make all your ears bleed
You\’ll all be suicidal in this battle. Don\’t believe me?
Step out of the cave, into the town and feel my power
More fearsome than the ghost of Marowak who haunts this tower
Any child who plays with me will end up being dead and severed
I\’ll corrupt all of you, showing you who should be feared
You think you\’re scary? I\’ve got zombie Pokémon on my side
Challenging me to a battle? Better get ready to hide

12: Ash\’s Coma
I leave my home, start my journey all alone
No…(I\’ll catch \’em all) No… (Number one) I\’ll leave YOU all in a coma
Your theories aren\’t eerie. They\’re ethereal diseases
I\’m the leader, and I\’ll turn you into Ash for your treason
(Listen!) My vision\’s blurry…(Stop! Pikachu!) I can\’t see…
I thought we were all a team. Maybe this is just a dream
Your existence is fiction. You\’d rather hurt than feel hurting
Time to show you what I\’ve learned on my Pokémon journey
Stage 1: Strike you with a bolt of lightning in my pocket
(Pikachu!) Stage 2: Ignite your fire and blast you like Team Rocket
Stage 3: Water Gun you down with flows you can\’t test
Stage 4: Make new friends and become the very best
If this is all in my head, sprawled in a hospital bed
Then I\’m forever indebted to recycle the REM
Come on, You pasta peoples can\’t quite catch up!
Well, this battle is done, so let me pull the plug

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