Eltuum – In Conclusion Lyrics

In Conclusion Lyrics


Here we go

Started in my kitchen
Making sick addictions
Mother gave me no restrictions
Father died that summer
No one cared ‘bout my intentions
No one read my thoughts, I had to use whatevers given
I predicted I would be forgotten
Out there rotting
But thank you to some people that was watching
Gave me money so I started
Finding passion
Gaining traction
Lost my flow
I’m used to rapping
With a bro
Nowadays my day is packed
I’m ducking shows and making tracks
They haven’t heard where Riley at
I gotta say I’m quitting rap
I gotta lеave it in the past
I gotta learn to givе it back
You haven’t heard I’m falling back
The critics mad that I’m attached
To people that I follow back
Celebrity, I got the stats
I’m paid but broke, I’m mix and matched

I’m quitting rap so ima go off
I’m a show off
You ain’t close to me so getcho flow up
I took over
Not a doubt, I had a glow up
Fore I blow up
You didn’t know of
My name but now you acting like you showed up
Drinking soda at my party
If I was Drake then you’d be Carti
Lower than me, you retarted
Game so easy, I restarted
Wrote this all under an hour
I ain’t lying, I’m implying
If we do a song we do it like the Mayans
I’m deciding if you get my secret feature with a riot
Shoutout Ryan, older brother really trying
Losing friends and always rhyming
I just don’t know when to stop because I’m never tired
Lungs are hurting, they expired
You do nothing, I inspire
Made a song, why? I’m inspired
By the rhymers of the century
Kill the beat like a creep, down the street, Casey Anthony
That’s insanity
I’m childish and serious
Gambino of the group, gang signs
Aim right, acms united certified
Word to Mordecai
Workaholic, never put the work aside
No I ain’t a industry plant but I fertilize
And that’s certified
I’m the only asian so I diversify

Dang, bro thought he was good

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