Elias Niemietz – Someone is knocking Lyrics


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What\’s going on? Record For The Record, aye come on!

Who\’s knocking on the door, man?
Oh that is my skill, I want a bill
You want a pill

I get pills then I will have not Kopfschmerzen anymore
Okay lets go

When I hear your raps I bekomm\’ Kopfschmerzen when I hör\’
My raps I become no mehr Kopfschmerzen, it will heal
And I will feel good
Why the fuck is someone knocking at the door?
Who is it? Is it my pizza?
Man I don\’t even have a clue
Okay someone is knocking, he\’s knocking, and knocking, and knocking
And sometimes he\’s fucking, fucking, fucking
Aye, lets, what \’s going on Record For The Record

Record for the Record 11

Hope you tune in with a little bit of extra sauce

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