Duc3 – So Cold(Ft xReverse)(Prod by Deuceyboy) Lyrics

So Cold(Ft xReverse)(Prod by Deuceyboy) Lyrics

*intro* (DUC3 & xReverse)

It\’s cold keep the heater
Cold keep the heater

Gang so cold
Gang so cold with it

Gang so cold
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Gang so cold
So cold

Yeah you know, these rappers wanna be us
Muhfuckers mad cause they can\’t see us
Yeah you know it\’s cold keep that heater, gang some old you would think we were freezin\’ (X2)

* 1* (DUC3)

I don\’t start beef mother fucker but, I squash it, come through your front door with some metal start a mosh pit. Pussy I ain\’t friendly, get it twisted, lose your consciousness, tips are all that\’s hollow, I\’m on point, don\’t do approximates. Try me, lеave you sloppy bitch, that\’s word to your mommy, chemistry has been a passion so, they won\’t find your body, I\’vе made friends with all my demons and now murder\’s a hobby, I sacrifice my opps for ritual, I\’m keeping it godly
Coupling witches in the basement whipping potions in the cauldron, manifesting greatness bitch, I do it for my squadron, lil bitch I\’m an occultist, not a mother fuckin\’ hobbyist, she know I\’m the dopest so, the shit should have been obvious. Rituals for strength and knowledge, what I see ain\’t ghosts, killing off your favorite rappers, sacrifice the goats, seals and sigils, this energy, yeah I keep it close, ancient symbols speak to me, I see things in codes

( repeat 2x)

* 2* (xReverse)

Tu Eres suave como el agua, “¿en ingles?”
I’m chilling with my homies and I know we feeling blessed
And I’m obsessed with making money it’s a mission to get checks
We carry 9s and .45s we put a switch up on a tech

Make em bounce when we pop out at the party normal celebration
Elevation in my mentality it’s a dedication
Sacrificing all of my demons trading for medications
Bust you in the mouth for disrespecting on my illustration

Spiritually inclining watch me as I build my craft
While we reaching for our heaters we gon make you feel a draft
We some crazy motherfuckers from the mitten smokin grass
Locking into a different dimension we having a blast

I can’t say I wish we gonna make it cause I’m claiming it
When I was a kid I had a drive to kill ya I’ll admit
But I’m the shit and I’ll fill your whole body with some hollow tips
Swiss you up make sure that you know UBG ain’t playing we sayin

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