DROELOE – Dusty Ears Lyrics

Dusty Ears Lyrics

: Busta Rhymes
Hey, hey, hey! You better believe it\’s Busta Rhymes, the great
We \’bout to rip the Tri-State, yo, yo
Hey, hey, hey! I\’ll split your face and give you stitches
Throw niggas in ditches, slap the ass of fat bitches
Wait one sec, as I get down
I\’m rolling with the heavyweight connect to the stomping ground
Now, don\’t you get suspicious, I grant your wishes every time (Ha)
Bring it vicious when I bust a rhyme (Word is bond)
I know one thing the whole world least expected
Is how we all connected (Ha) to break food on the same record
Five new flavors on beat, feel the fucking heat (Whoa)
I really think you should retreat while we blow up the street (Hey)

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