Doxthe_maverick – It's all love featuring Hurricane Dan Fischer Lyrics

It’s all love featuring Hurricane Dan Fischer Lyrics


Watch your tone when you speak of a God
My narrative governed by fate never you niggas putting me on
I had it coming this is godspeed
From slouched seats
In park street
Scenes heavy treason
With every mention/mansion,upholstery
Their double stories
Don\’t add up
The mad love
Ain\’t endorsed,in real life vendettas
Only time will tell
Only time will tell…
If it was all worth it
As I watch \’em play for keeps
Deny my urge to let some gas fly
Is you smelling me?
Propane unleaded with every sermon
Ego\’s get annotated back to their decimal figures
I need my residuals
The sum of you fraud niggas equates to a common speech from all blabber and no action
Backbones turned flaccid
New facets made me probe
Storms made me prone to keeping my guard up
Still,poised,preaching it\’s all love


It\’s all love I swear
Every single soul on This planet\’s potentially toxic
I\’m positive that ima crash the Rarri when I cop it
In my yard
Figure twisting Cohiba cigars
The game is clouded with sediment
Compliments you pay me now won\’t buy me new underwear
What you selling is secondhand
And you got the virgins chokin
So what\’s the price of luxury
When your bitch a lavatory for an iPhone 13
Go ahead eat yo shit
If youz a foul mouth
Morality distorted
I can\’t see through these lenses
Is you a catfish?
Trapped in a puddle
Honey you gon need a fucken Baptist

Akululanga ukubayinkosi bulldozer
Funeka ungabi na nceba
Ube ne ntliziyo elilitye
Unga thembi mntu ngaphandle kwesiqusakho
Kukho abazakwenzela amayelenqe

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