DoubletheDigits – Pieces Lyrics

Pieces Lyrics

Pain sitting inside
But it ain\’t hidden
Ain\’t kidding
Claiming suicide
A make a thing different
Ain\’t with it
But I might be
I dont got no goals
I dont know
Bro its likely
Realized I dont like me

Visions that I might be
Hooked up to a IV
While I\’m sitting in this bed

Reoccurring dream that keep creeping in my head
Man I got this tunnel vision but can\’t see what is ahead

And I hate it
Depression supposed to pass
This the longest I den waited

Regret is all I have
And mistakes is all I\’m making
The best is in the past
Let me see what is awaitin
Me on the other sidе
What\’d I\’d give just to feel alive

The tastе of death when on my tongue
Take out the breath inside my lungs
I should expect to feel this numb
When I ain\’t got no type of love
So every night I write a poem
It might just show me where I\’m going
Or not
I don\’t n know

I sure know the lows
Cuz I never see the highs
Suicide is tempting when you lookin in its eyes
Knew that my redemption would begin within my lines
Threw it my attention now it\’s taking all the tiiiime
Offa my hands
When all my shit was private on the gram
And every night was ending in the am
Cuz I ain\’t have no fucking type of plan planned damn
Now that ain\’t no problem
I was feeling crushed
I was under rock bottom
No one gave a fuck about me or my problems
I can\’t even blame them you know everybody got some

But jesus
I mean it
Felt like that happened for a reason
I see it
In all my my life
I recognize the pieces
To the puzzle
These pieces is Double

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