DoubletheDigits – CUT UP Lyrics

CUT UP Lyrics

Who the fuck you know bet on they self every time
Slowed down with music
But still got this shit in a bind
No drug abusing uh uh
But I still cut up in my lines

Sharpened my tongue
Softened my speech
Look to the sun
Know this shit is in reach
You could get done
Not what you think
We still wolves that you thought was just sheep

Bitch I\’m blood thirsty
So don\’t irk me
I\’m still that kid that was silent in durfee
Shit could get violent y\’all prolly should search me
Cleaning my conscious my nine\’ll get dirty
Bye bye your birdy
Shouldn\’t been chirping
Aftermath, they asking if this a person
After that you should know you one thing for certain
If you won\’t smoke you should your discernment
Fuck what you earning
What can you make
If you don\’t own it you somebody slave
Gotta stay solid withstanding the waves
I made a profit off chasing some change
They killed a prophet and gave you his chains
You think this a game?
They calling me Phoenix
I came from the flames
Ride with demons
I\’m gaining my wings
They gotta group
But I\’m not entertained
He got a coup
Both do not got a brain
Go to the stu
How I cope with my pain
Opened my view
Now I know its a way
Now I know its a

Don\’t move in fear cuz that\’s how they control
Look to your peers is to look to your soul
out your box cuz you don\’t fit the mold
Fight for your life its the right you was owed
They kill the young to provide for the old
Open your mind to the lies you was told
They want a slice to the light in your soul
We the divine and its fine that you know
Mind made of gold, heart made of diamonds
Just giving love put you into alignment
Evil is fueled by the ones that stay silent
Fuck the police give a fuck bout they sirens
Back from the dead now they think I\’m Osiris
Off with your head if you disturb my silence

Ay I\’m just having fun with it
Night owl but the sun glisten
Isaac Newton nigga I ain\’t got one mistress
Not Putin not rushing so I\’m not finished
Not shooting not punching but I\’m not missing
Not human with this junk
Need to stop listening
I get it
Ain\’t no competition
When the beat
Get treated like a fucking composition
You would\’ve retreat if you was put in my position
Ducking the police and bringing fire to the system
All my enemies still got desires, i can fix em
Bloody memories its kinda hard for me to miss em
Malice in my palace I was living with the pistons
With pistols to hit you
And all who coming with you
I wanna stop the violence
But its larger than the issue
Cuz everyone\’s a target on the market
And we fish food
Bait for the sharks
But they the ones that we defend too

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