DopeLame – Straight To It Lyrics


Even when losing
I feel like I\’m winning
Don\’t speak on my past
Ain\’t none of your business
Lately been into
The study of physics
I\’m wiping my clock
This the remission

Create what I want
I don\’t do your religion
Stop selling dope
And I broadened my mental
Translations I been
Making them simple

Now this drip that we wearing
Is part of our business
No longer stuck in the trenches
Don\’t cover that blemish
It\’s part of your soul
Just cause it glitter
Don\’t mean that it\’s gold

Just cause we killers
Don\’t mean that we cold
I am not Kendrick
And I am not Cole
Open your mind
And your heart I exposе
This a new code
This the rеloaded

Code to the matrix like ne-yo
They hate but they love it
Fatal attraction
Way deeper than money
They love when you gangsta
But hate when you thugging
Ain\’t that something
Ain\’t that funny

Just like that girl that you like
Till you cum
Then you don\’t want her
Just like it\’s nothing
Just like the lingo we use
Where we from
Yea that\’s my bro
But I call him my Dummy

Disaffected by authority
Rebel forever
Don\’t want a piece of the glory
Leverage the fame
For the fortune
Coming in hot I been scorching
Pardon me
I just seen an informant
Not really tryna entangle
With lawyers
Maybe for business
Not for no snitch
Not for no hova
Oh no

This that type of flow that
Change your life
This that dope
Even if it wrong
Make it look right
That\’s the code
That\’s the type a code
That you live by
For the bros
If they bring pressure Only right
They getting rolled

Ain\’t no point of resisting
Lately been outta my feelings
Lately my glow a lil different
Illuminated counting divi\’s
They love how I kick it
Big body whip and they love
How I whip it
Use to be benz
Now I\’m pushing a Beamer
Gotta thank gege
She gave me the flavor
This is a M-Sport

Ride by throw the duece
Like a dork
Two fingers and a smile
White people love when I slide
Ain\’t seen something this fly
In the country club
Catching a Vibe
Still looking slick
Elevé fashion my drip
Still gotta custom fit
White people love it
Im reeling them in
Ain\’t Up for debate
All my moves is official

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