DopeLame – Saints & Sinners Lyrics


Ain\’t gotta give it to me
Ima take it
I feel like I\’m moonwalking
In the matrix
You talking behind my back
It ain\’t Going phase me
The head of the clan
And can\’t do no complaining
I\’m not one a them
It\’s dope It\’s dope
It\’s dope It\’s Dope

Speak of complaining I can\’t
I been having my way
Give a damn what you think
That boy looking lazy
He just smoked a eighth
I\’m not with the playing
I\’m not for the games
I\’m trying to ball
Focus on business and credit and Taxes increasing my leverage
I want it all
I wanna ball
I wanna stunt
Level up and buy a mall
Not picking through drip
We not shopping in stores

Meet the gang we need it all
Whole family full of dawgs
Finesse is ridiculous
Looking real innocent
Stuck to the script
So we killing it
Grind looking sickening
Way to relentless
They think that I\’m evil
Don\’t have no religion
No catholic
No Judah no Buddha
No Christian

But look in my eyes
That spirit hit different
Illuminated not attached
To your rituals
This the raw and uncut
This original
Napoleon Hill going digital

Jordan Peters as a nigga
Meant to say Peterson
Please let me switch it
I live like a stoic and monk
Not a Christian
If I was a Christian
I\’d step in them Christian Diors
Pimping out pastors
And preachers
Finessing my blessings
You know I\’d be Upping
The score
Ima up it like them and Get gone
Take the preacher\’s daughter
Slide and get ghost
Take her to the crib
And making her choke
I\’m on a roll
It\’s Dope
I\’m in her throat
Leading the PAC
I\’m giving them hope
Not from Memphis
But I Hustle & Flow
I balance my highs with my lows
Take care my people
Need a throan
You play with me
You getting gone
He played with me
I sent him home
Macaulay Culkin
Home alone
Not clutching his chrome

Too bad for you
Real good for me
You should have been clutching
Your chrome
This is furreal this not a joke
Shouldn\’t even be a song

He took from me
I took his life
Guess you should have
Put him on
I know that it hurt
I can\’t make it right
I guess forever I\’ll be wrong
It\’s dope!

I know the whole song off beat
From beginning to end
I know I was tripping
You know I be everywhere
I be all over the place with it
Sometimes I like to let stuff out
My mind
Sometimes I like to hold it in
You know I like to keep things
On the surface level
Cause I know if I don\’t
Y\’all probably not going listen

But you know
I just wanna say I love y\’all
I appreciate y\’all for listening
It\’s dope

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