Don Cody – Something in the Water Lyrics

Something in the Water Lyrics

Don Cody
Mama said that I was born as a different breed
Grew up humble never acted up with the greed
Dreamed bout these moments all the way up in the nosebleed
Now we hop up on stage and go dumb with our minds freed
To succeed I had to man up say fuck the rest
To make moves I had to man up say fuck some rest
Beat my own mind and thoughts yeah that\’s the test
Now it\’s win win win that\’s the manifest
Always rejected now I am a champion
The white tees and snap backs to diamonds dancin, yeah
They realize now always knew I was handsome, yeah
Now I\’m freed like I was held up in ransom, yeah
But now we\’re dripped out fresh like it\’s Listerine
Roped off VIP with a dozen queens
A few months ago this was all just a dream
Sit back and let the beat breath (Don)

I\’m gonna stretch out this life like a slinky
Got a group of bad ones in line waiting for my Twinkie
Now these fakes kiss my ass and suck me up like a binky
But the circle always been small like the ring up on my pinky
I\’m Randy with the Savage full blown Macho Man
Used to be a tease game now everyone a fan
Money power and women adding to my life span
I\’ll say this once again Don Cody been the brand
That was always the plan, shout out the town shout out to Eazy
Even if I gotta drop a mixtape on the weekly
When I\’m gone, they gon paint my face on graffiti
I say that with the pride, I mean that oh so deeply
Why lift a finger when somebody else could pop your collar?
I\’m about to make a freak out of another mans daughter
How am I working this magic like my name Harry Potter?
Must of been Something in the Water

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