Domo Genesis – Shadowboxing Lyrics

Shadowboxing Lyrics

Domo Genesis

The nickel plated the same as the skin copper lord
This what it\’s doctored for, I’m noxious
Even at its hottest it was the art of boxing
Sweated out the toxins, who in my corner waiting on us?
Nothing worse than dead weight upon us
Them haters tried to put Satan on us
Let\’s see how long it take \’em
Revealing really what you made of
Send you to meet your maker
No longer patience is for the paystubs
You gotta live before your day come
And if we ate it’s with the day ones
You niggas ain\’t one
If you don\’t like it, nigga, change some
I said a lot but I ain\’t saying nothing, uh
Stay in your lane if I\’m wave running, it\’s telepathic, nigga
Me and you, we ain\’t the same fabrics
You niggas only tryna play games, who ain\’t practice
It can’t matter
Blow your mind down to brain matter
The art display was paint splatter, uh
I don’t even bleed, we collecting the same data from it
It ain\’t no humor when your money funny
My winter wind is looking summer sunny
These niggas can’t take nothing from me, I promise, uh
I might be rambling off a little bit, uh
Pay your dues to play it\’s part, it\’s gon\’ cost you a little bit
I ain’t pardoning shit
My triple double ain\’t involved with assists
The level I play on as hard as it gets
I\’m the smartest with this
I\’m ?
Ican\’t feel it, numb to it
A façade was knowing
Can\’t speak on real shit and run through us
I let it rain and bring a flood through it, uh
The only thing I ain\’t get enough of


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