Dom Vallie & Eestbound – NEVEREVERLAND Lyrics


Dom Vallie & Eestbound

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever
Ever, ever, ever, ever, uh
Never thought I\’d see the day I\’d be the man (The man), uh
I used to swing angel dust like Peter Pan (Peter Pan), uh
I gon\’ kill a hook, but we gon\’ meet again (Again), uh
No, you cannot fly with us, you not my fam (You not my fam, not my fam)
Uh, yeah

But I got one leg out the whip while I roll up a spliff
I got ownership, nigga, no, this ain\’t no lease
Talking my shit \’cause I\’m back on my shit
I got four grams rollеd up in my Backwood at least
Dutty the beat thеn send it back to Eest
Got ties like a knot, you do not want the beef (Boom, boom, boom)
C\’s in the 6, I got B\’s in Belize
Cease and desist you for making believe (Boom, boom, boom)

Missing poster, but I know he deceased
She got a new man, but he nothing like me (Nothing like me)
Bend her over, got her moaning like Lisa (Moaning like Lisa)
Mixing potions got me leaning like Pisa (Leaning like Pisa)
This is something you do not want a piece of (Piece of)
D-O-M V, it is not nice to meet ya (Not nice to meet ya)
Please refer to me from now on \”The Reaper\”
Speak up and I\’ll \”rest in peace\” ya

Thirty minutes or it\’s free like a pizza
30K minimum for a feature
Thirty days, then I gotta increase ya
Thirty ways I can impress a diva
Heard she loves plastic, well here goes my Visa (She in love)
I\’m on your block in Balenci\’s, I crease \’em
Swear, I be making these hits just to tease \’em
I\’on even really gotta release \’em


Ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh

I never thought I\’d be the man
My Tinker Bell believed I can
I gotta grow, we meet again
Always high, I Neverland

It\’s only 2:30, off two 30\’s
She knows she my type so she awfully flirty
I keep searching \’cause I\’m uncertain what love is
So I keep hurting behind these curtains
My worst burden is my own person
I keep working
Try to keep it down, but just like my Bourbon
This gon\’ get ugly, baby

I read your letter, wish I wrote mine better
There\’s so much more that I want to say
I\’ll save it for a rainy day
Just know my love is here to stay
And you\’ll always have a place to lay

I made mistakes, I know
I always knew how this would go (This would go)
You\’ve known too long the road I chose (Road I chose)
My heart is yours, notes hold my soul (Hold my soul)
These chords decide my fate
Farewell, my love (Farewell, my love)

Deep into the darkness peering
Stood there way too long, I\’m dreaming
Promise that these doubts are mortal
Faith hold on like brick and mortar
Your silence was unbroken
Your stillness left me hopeless
And the only words were spoken

She whispered, \”Let me go\”
There was an echo
Whispered, \”Let me go\”
There was an echo
She whispered, \”Let me go\”
There was an echo

I read your letter, wish I wrote mine better (Wrote it better)
I wish you\’d let me go (Wrote it better)

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