Doechii – America Has a Problem Freestyle Lyrics

America Has a Problem Freestyle Lyrics

Too much, hoe don\’t do too much
Pullin\’ up in a ? city in an uber
Pockets fatter than a motherfuckin\’ food bowl
When i enter ? city bitches ?
Off white hit a toe like Ku Klan
Diamonds on dance, dance revolution
Got a new van and i got bandz
This my motherfuckin do i’mma do dance
Rich bitch on a rich n* hit list
If this bitch get slick shit, get hit
Hoes washed up, vicious
Lost and found, these hoes been missin\’
D.O.E. you can not define me
Like Beyoncé, you could never find me
I\’m chillin\’ in The Hills with the ?
Step in the motherfuckin\’ ?, get my shoes off
Like lets gеt it, check critics
Hoes pressеd, let\’s print it
Most original, most these hoes just don\’t wanna admit it
Doechii gettin\’ ? doin\’ on these n*
Hoes drop, it\’s crickets
Don\’t drop, sell tickets
Why you bitches diggin ? my networth
I know your bitches\’ nech hurt, cause i\’m pressure
How you turn a 100 fans into a 100 bandz
How you turn a 100 bandz into a 100 ends
How you from the north claiming you a croc bitch
How you biting into one and only swamp bitch
I see a lotta bitches, i don\’t see a lotta stars
I hear a lotta rappers, i don\’t hear a lotta bars
I see a lotta plastic, i don\’t see a lotta barbz
I see a lotta didgets, i don\’t care about the charts

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