Dilly (LRB) – The Mandela Catalogue vs. Marble Hornets Lyrics

Dilly (LRB)

: Announcer (Dilly)
Loco Rap Battles
The Operator

1: Gabriel (Snakebite126)
Oh, cherished viewers, I\’ve come to you to spread a message
I have news that a rapper will come on down to you and bless the mic
So all of you may rest your eyes and leave it to the

And while you count your sheep, the shepards will be slaughtered next
I know your dreams, I know your wants, your weaknesses
I know how to fire shots;
like Heathcliff did

You corrupt the cameras, break the film, and freeze frames
If you need tech support, I suggest you meet Dave
I descend from heavens, the counties dwindle in seconds
Slender Sickness is no more, mental illness is your weapon
It\’d be better for us both if you…; that\’s the blunt truth
There\’s no space for the two of us, you\’re too tall for one room

2: The Operator (Commander Jacob)
If you search for me, be adviced and keep inside
Unless you wanna end up looking more fucked than your CGI
Yes, I make the lens glitch, and fill the rolls with static screens
But with your early work, you\’ve only been working with static screams
Chills are sent down from people\’s spines, I send victims totheark
You just send Noah messages and send your copies to the ark
There\’s a hundred fucking series now to mooch out clout all thanks to you
I leave viewers distraught as I chew you out; low hanging fruit
I set precedents a decade back before you sat upon your throne
Your head\’s stuck inside the clouds, but your skin\’s not your own
This sloppy savior barely dispatched an officer off his paper
If you can\’t reach the lieutenant, don\’t ring up the operator

3: Gabriel (Snakebite126)
Think you\’re a threat? Last time I checked, we\’re opposites
I give people comfort and safety, you give coughing fits
I cull my followers like cattle, you\’re just Kraile\’s ghostwriter
And you\’re choking just like him on your end; the phone\’s silent

4: The Operator (Commander Jacob)
This false god claims that he brings a new divine rule?
My brother in christ, your power\’s the liquify tool
I\’ll take your sheeps, shephreds, secrets, leave them gone and drop this faker
\’Cause I\’m turning the channel off, Local58\’s doppelganger

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