Dee ;Mula – Parkway Village Lyrics

Parkway Village Lyrics

Dee Mula
Ayy, Hanzo, turn up on they ass
I grew up in East Memphis, Parkway Village, project baby
I grew up in East Memphis, Parkway Village, project baby
Thought they left me

I grew up in East Memphis, Parkway Village, project baby
Since fifteen, I had a gun, hold up your arm, make niggas pay me
I was taught to stand on business, broke the news back in \’08, they know who did it
Stop that typing, come outside and shoot your gun, show me you with it
I get high, smoke out the \’bow, might pour a four, start movin\’ slow
You gon\’ die, reach for my chain, I\’m tellin\’ you now, just leave the show
Can\’t be chasin\’ bitches, if she tryna roll, then let her go
One more Perc\’, I\’m hittin\’ the floor
How the fuck he survive? Got hit in the throat
If the whip ain\’t tinted, I ain\’t in it
If that lil\’ bitch broke, I ain\’t fuckin\’
Ho told me she came home early
Perfect, I just wanted you to suck it
I\’m mixin\’ this red with yellow
I\’m high as a bird, I barely can get out my words
Kissin\’ the curb in this SRT
In the car with some niggas that\’s ready to purge
And I\’m on stage with it
How your man die and he stay with it?
Got comfortable, think he untouchable
Got up close on him, start touchin\’ him
Man, these niggas ain\’t opps, they mad \’cause I got a bag like Ari
Walk in your party strapped
Two lil\’ freaks in my lap
Tryna get the key to my house
These bitches must think I\’m tender
Heart colder than December
We fuck niggas\’ bitches, send \’em back with \’em
All-black trucks tinted up, presidential, hop out that nigga
Money don\’t move me, I\’m movin\’ off loyalty
If you show me you loyal, bitch, I love you, you deserve some royalty
One nigga swing, then we all jumpin\’
And whoever don\’t ride gettin\’ they ass beat, might as well start runnin\’
See, the life I live, you can\’t be weak, gotta have a strong stomach
\’Cause you might have to walk up, hit a nigga dead in his head
Leave a nigga layin\’ in the street
Might get some blood on you, I don\’t know, get some blood on your hands
You the type of nigga catch a charge and sacrifice everybody, go and put a bug on your man
Tell the police everything, then show them folks where a nigga stayin\’
I can get him knocked off for the free
He be in one spot, he broke, he sweet
Nigga go straight to the booth with his beef
Lyin\’ on beats, whole time, want peace
All my diamonds watery
Big guns in the car with me
You heard that he shot at who?
Naw, can\’t be talkin\’ \’bout me
I\’m gettin\’ too much money to be out here beefin\’ with junkies
Bought two, three cars, I never post \’em, but they fast and they runnin\’

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