Dede The King – S M O K E P A C K Lyrics

S M O K E P A C K Lyrics

Dont condone viloence
If I can\’t do it for the love then do it I won\’t
If there\’s a way to stop I don\’t
I got the game on TiVo
Soon as I step in the room
Hooked it up for later as I hit the do\’
I got my eyes on you and i\’m in to you
She hood and in the mood when I\’m in the mood
Rockin\’ when I see you next time
You probably happy tonight but after I strike
Even after my life haters be after my life
And the ladies they love me \’cause I ain\’t no small time guy
No one knows my struggle thеy only see the trouble
Ha yeah Evеrybody in the struggle
That they put me in my vision\’s beyond the Hubble\’s
Pawns in the struggle darts fly like C.I.s beyond the jungle

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