Dede The King – I A M N O T A T O Y Lyrics

I A M N O T A T O Y Lyrics

1: Dede The King
Bitch we back in this bitch pack (Bruh)
I\’m not a pack just know that
If I die momma please don\’t cry
I will be in heaven, And I wish you good luck
Oh forgot that will never happen, Fucked up
Bitch, Yeah I\’m smoking on this 2for pack
And it\’s crying I don\’t know why
2: JDID Shoota
Now check me out it\’s back to the old school
Fought all the steps infront of the old fools
I f-cked her on the day of that naked video shoot
You think this shit\’s easy don\’t you?
I bet you this you ain\’t next to this
Living life I hope that everyone I love will get to see
After that I guarantee you will be standing next to me
Just me and you evadin enemies
3: Smokey Wit A Z
Mе either de, Thеse niggas got me fucked up
How you dissing the gang?
I\’m smoking on Gwap, Butter nigga
Oh forgot about octy, Smoking on his mommy
That nigga a bitch cry to his papi
Cause he ain\’t a loppy, Fish better flop please
He was riding dick trying to be in G\’s
4: Pist The Man
, , , ,
Bitch we bout to bounce like a bitch bitch
Niggas pussy others think they real rich
Bitch yeah we smoking on this 2for pack
And it\’s still crying its a bitch oh Now I know why
R.I.P JDID, That was my bro he was my bro
Please don\’t go (Boom, G\’sK, 25K, ECTK)

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