Dede The King – Evil Twins Lyrics

Evil Twins Lyrics

1: Dede The King
So you can miss me with that hatin and that he can\’t rap shit
On some behind the back shit catch it and scratch it
Just give me a beat that\’s bang give me a beat that\’s bangin
And give me what help Martin sleep on the same night he had a dream
Tell me the perfect color so I make it just right
Before we battle there\’s two questions I have to ask
Can\’t see him in it I been tinted up mine
Truthful dreams truthful dreams become life
I could of sworn I let you borrow some international money
To tell you the truth I thought your rebuttal was weak
Familiar voice come to find out the angel was me
Go ask Moley you in the middle of shit
I know that Just the Two of Us would make you hate me this much
I am ignorance\’s enemy so stay out the vicinity of..
See how we rippin up tickets that police be writin us
We got ladies in the back street giving it up
2: Re-Re
With faces resembling transvestites
Stay with a semi
Jump on my saddle baby and get live
I\’m in a dark party with a red light
A nightmare walkin\’ in a psychopath\’s map
All in yo\’ ass crack old King go Blast dat
Jumpin on my tip and pissin in they pants and
I was born to the death of it from a twisted goon
For truth never has an alibi
I\’m high as a satellite
Some happy mean to end a hapless life
All I think about is crime I forgot to buy a valentine
Do what I say women to the floor now
I fell to the ground
And the critics hated on me \’cause I went to the South
Uhh me and Snoop about to clown

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