Dcorerapbattles and doomiser – Sphinx VS The Riddler Dcorerapbattles Lyrics

Sphinx VS The Riddler Dcorerapbattles Lyrics

Dcorerapbattles and doomiser
You’re 5 tons on a camel\’s back, you’d sink in a second, and we both Know that. It’s God against Ant for no reason, You’re the worst at Riddles, and you’re never in season. I’ve committed
More crimes than years you’ve existed, beat me, you won’t, I’d say you rap good but you don’t. I’m gonna murder a guy, what are you gonna do? Those paws of yours only stick to you the ground like glue! Anyone could stop you! It just takes me and my cane, after being alone so long, it’ll wake up your brain! The bars I’m dropping are insane! I’m gonna rap so hard I’ll send you flying like a planе

You think that was an awesome versе?
Nobody cares about you, show me real words
Anyways, Let\’s get back to the action
You’re just a person that always brings a distraction
You dumb idiot, I’m a lot taller
You may not be cool but you look alot smaller
You think you are up for this fight? You look like a midget
Why don’t you fight me? You know I\’m the biggest
I’m OP, you go to jail, you’ll never be free
You flee from me? All you bring is agony
You think I’m stupid by staying in the desert for hours?
Take the suit off, because you look like a coward

And you call those cheap words bars? Well, that ain\’t true. You
Couldn\’t even switch your style after being forever in the tomb. And Maybe you need to calm down after I finally cut you down. And you Cannot do anything when I paint you\’re face into a clown. I\’m the riddler BAYBEH!!! I\’m the one that tells you. I\’m the cool one with Clothes you weird uncool dude. It\’s about time I grab something else Like… a chainsaw! I can easily sneak behind you and slice you like Calabanga!! telling people a bunch of riddles, you are the worst. Don\’t Even try to fiddle, you are forever left in the dessert. Just calm down You deserve a slap! And let me teach you how to suck in this rap

That’s it, I’m tired of you’re “rapping”. You’re cane is what I\’m snapping. Your bones are what I\’m cracking. Your ugly face is what I\’m slapping. You are what I\’m zapping so what’s with that hat? You have no chance against me you scaredy cat. What happens when I answer your riddle wrong? You look so dumb just take that mask off. Pack those dumb raps and get out of my sight. Or else you’ll be Putting up more of a fight. This is the end for you but do you even have fans sir? If you go near me, You’ll be done forever

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