Dave – Talk is Cheap Lyrics

Talk is Cheap Lyrics

I’m on the A3 driving by Kingston
But I ain’t back at yard
Do it like
Southgate done Sancho
I find a young G and tell him play with the stars
Bro, I really wanna see the girl naked
But she’s taken, so I ain’t had a chance
Browning got an attitude that’s german
Concerning, cause she ain’t had a car
I had an Angel in Manny
I D Maria then I take her to France
I ain\’t ever gotta argue with no DJ
Cause none of my opps get played in the dance
I told my girl, “Let’s go to Jamaica”
She said “David, don’t play with my heart”
State of the art, making it last
I got one shot and I’m making it last
My man said that he’s on me
Talk is cheap, that’s an Alcatel
Violate, wе bring agents to you estate
Likе I’m tryna make house sell
More time
I like innocent chicks
But Tuesday I need me a Rowdy girl
I’m looking at that girl’s ex
Babe you ain’t ever fucked with an Alpha male
Man right now I’m living in central, darg
A one two flight ain’t flexing, darg
Baby, I see Gatwick airport
More than your man sees congestion charge
You get me
You get me, darg (Yeah)
Respect me, darg
You don’t really wanna upset me, darg
Me and bae broke up, got back together
Now I’m living on a celibate one
I don’t wanna talk too much about girls
Cause trust me, it’s really a delicate one
Groupies wanna come back for the fame
Bro I ain’t gotta ask, it’s a definite one
She’s gonna settle for a UK rapper
But I know she prefer an American one
You ain’t ever put in no goddamn work
Job center, that nigga’s on a benefit one
I spent most of my time in school excluded
And teacher were belling my mum
I used to play football with a Polish
Same kind of man that were selling them skunk
Kurwa mass niggas on a peddling one
0.8 on a generous one
You get me
The attitude super
This year I’m body positive
Plus size don’t matter, I ain’t mad at no fupa
I think I see my man
I’m telling bossman stop the cabby and Uber
Me and bae were stuck to the end
Both fucked in the head, like Allison Luther
I ain’t even gotta have no reason

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