Darvaak – Big(Sic) Little(Sic) Lyrics

Big(Sic) Little(Sic) Lyrics

My darlings
My baby girls
I never said the things
I shoulda said to you

Because I\’m too coo
Or is it just that
When I threw my love
You threw it back

You always knew how to throw it back
At the Apple store
Think different

But one second later
Go full attack
Like what the fuck

You interrupt
With your-

Reason why you never dealt with me

I put my hands up
Pull out the drawing board
And then I got busy

And now I\’m so busy
I\’m racing

One city-
To a whole planet
The Digital

Understand it-

Come and get me

Graze my Achilles Heel-
But I\’m too fast
I likе a big kitty

Thought you could cut me in half
That\’s real shitty

Always coo
But I enjoy thе chaos

I am free
I am free

Jump around

Ghost figures
Broken knees
Dark man in a-
Dark scene

Never under cover
Never over scene
By my own discretion
I know the fiends

I intercept
I introduce
From an introspective
Mind ravine

But overflowing
With the golden notion
Of not censoring thought

What do you say
When no ones around

What do you think
When you\’re all alone

Can I share some
Some of that
With y\’all now
But why turn from-
How a mother fucker be

I go to the store
And I know
You got more
But the flow
Of my stroll
Make the people say

Learning how to heal
Learning how to chill
Learning how to ill
Learn to safely navigate the universe inside your-

I said
I bet
I\’ll set the thread
To get ahead

And break the bread
And sit down with my family
You see I am the D

It\’s a better day
A sweater day
A Chuck Taylor day

I wanna hit another land
Where you crossing the ocean
Meet another culture
Sip another potion

See how they be doing all the things that they be doing
Bring it back
And then enlighten all the people who appreciate work

Oh shit, hey, where my shirt
Over there
Grab my britches
And then I SKRT

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