­Da King – Lyrics

­Da King

I sit back and roll my pain in a wood. Think about the past the days I wish didn’t last came a long way from hand me downs and what nots to living like a boss yea I had to pay that cost. Came a long way yea I got it out the mud daddy was a boss so what that make me. I’m like fuck the fame I just want the money was showed the game so I gotta run it. Momma didn’t raise a dummy. Hustle in my blood so you I never wanted for nothing. Hate animosity but I never gave a fuck. Never slung iron but daddy say keep that bitch tuck. It’s a cold world it’s a dirty game. Some of these niggas living life in shame. I’m like a wild animal in a cage I can’t be tamed. Tryna avoid the block so I won\’t have to pick up that Glock can’t see that cеll cause I ain’t tryna rot. Got a family that depends on mе so I gotta take it cause what don’t break me only make Lord have mercy on me I’m tryna keep from blanking

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