Cion – ​im never ready Lyrics


I just took some pills and I fell asleep
She just took off all her clothes right in front of me
I just sent my addy to your frenemy
I can\’t believe anything in front of me
Tell me that you love me, but you lie to me
I feel like you\’re lying, like you\’re tired of me
Please just go home, please just let me be
Think of all the times you haven\’t thought of me
I just want your heart, but you don\’t want me
You\’re just texting me, and thinking about sodomy
Brеak her heart, then kill hеr, now she haunting me
Tell her that I\’m fine, but I can\’t fall alseep
I don\’t eat, I don\’t try, I just cry in dreams
I just treat my life like I\’m not me

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