Chronkbonk – BACK FOR A WHILE Lyrics



Imma be here for a long time
Bitch im back for a god damn long time
I ain\’t gonna leave no more
Because i got no time to leave
Bitch im gonna make all my beats all faithfully (brr)
Aye (brr brr brr)
Shit was off beat as shit

I ain’t planning on leaving for a while (for a while)
Bitch you look like a fuckin crocodile (nom nom nom)
Why does your phone still have a motherfucking (brring brring)
Dial machine thingy circle thingy bitch (what what what)
Im just gonna play with my dingy (uh yah)
Bitch im playing with my dinga-ling (ding)
While you\’re saying bing chilling (bing chilling)
Bitch you are not chilling (no no)
And im not using bing so im not bing chilling (bing chilling)
But you know that i am chilling (chilling)
And im watching netflix call that netflix and chill (breaking bad)
Im about to kill bill (bill bill)
I just got sent on a drill (drill)
To go and kill bill (fuck you bill)
Then im gonna kill his family
Then im gonna kill a name manned bradlеy (put your hands up)
Thats what my gun sound like when i killed bradlеy (pew pew)
Then im gonna eat bradley (nom)
Then im gonna kill bradley (fuck you)
Because i do not like bradley (no)
His real name is ashley (ashley)
Because he looks like a chadley (chadley)
Now im gonna kill his family (bah)
Because I do not know what else to say about chadley (fuck you fuck you)
And his name is bradley (what)
And his name is ashley (nah nah)
Imma kill his dog because his fuckin knees are ashy (what)
I dont really know what the fuck you wanna know about chadley (ooh)
Or bradley or ashley whatever his name is (whats your name)
I don\’t give a fuck beacause his name is really fuckin goofy (no no)
And im not goofy bitch im HTN Goof (yuh yuh)
And I really dont need proof if you’re gay (you\’re gay)
Because I already know because you forgot to pay (gimme money)
It was like ¢99 how did you forget to pay that (how)
Now I have to come out from my break (what)
Because I really need to get fucking paid (i need money)
All I charge is ¢99 because i need to make cents (make it)
Make it make sense why you didn\’t fuckin pay (what)
Are you gay? probably because you forgot to pay (you\’re gay)
Never do it again (never again)
Because make your fuckin blood drain drain drain drain (drain drain drain)
Into the fuckin sewer where you belong bitch (yuh)
(Aye aye aye aye aye) (ay ay)
Thats your mom bitch
(Gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp
Gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp)
Thats your dad bitch
(clap clap clap clap clap
Yah yah yah yah yah)
Thats your cousin bitch (yuh yuh)
I just fucked your cousin (i just fucked your cousin)
Then I fuckin fucked your dad (the male one)
Then I sucked and fucked your mom (yuh)
Whenever I really retire I dont know what the fuck im gonna do (what what what)
Other than beat my dick off to gay midget porn (I love midget porn)

(man what the fuck are you doing bruh)
The fuck was that
(holy shit i)
What the fuck am i-
(i am genuinely probably fucking retarded)
What am i doing bruh
(holy shit)

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