Christian Knight – MOONLIGHT Lyrics

Christian Knight
I’m saying hella goodbyes
And yes I’m bound to blow
I got new shit some brand news songs
I ride a brand new ford copped a brand new phone
(I’m talking)

Baby I don’t even mind
Watch me I’ll the rock the boat
I get big bags let’s hit the floor
And I can see it in your eyes
But you said you won’t

I’m going outta my crazy outta mind
Won’t you meet me at the right time
Let’s chill at the beach or by the poolside
The poolside the poolside
Oh oh oh

You make it hard for me for me to feel right
Lay in my arms give me a goodnight
Fly with me to mars
Under the moonlight
Under thе moonlight
(Oh oh oh)

I know you been scheming up
It’s you and I
I know what you thinking bout
It’s due or die
Don’t cry
Won’t you lеmme just getcha\’ mood right
When c-knight drop he talking his shit like er\’night

Need to take a trip out to dubai
Made a brand new hit girl that work’s light
New bands I’m the man Jackie Chan flow like
No chance like you can’t copy my swag right

Ride the wave we invincible
No one can stop us now

Come to my city
Ill show you plenty
I hit the microphone and you know they fuckin wit me

Staying the same my forever drug
Living a life we don’t hide for fun
Looked in your eyes
You just might be the one
Girl you might be the one (yeah)

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