Choppa EBK – The Top One (Live Performance) Lyrics

The Top One (Live Performance) Lyrics

Choppa EBK

(War’s too nasty)
Like, huh

I: Stay Wit Ya G

He said to stay on my G
I stay on my G, I ain’t never got shot
Mane got shot and Relly got hit with his knock
He ain’t never been back on the opps
We don’t got no V, we might just trip him on feet
Let it spark, ‘fore we wake up the block (Ahhhh)
That’s what I heard when he dropped
I’m ?K, niggas must’ve forgot
Talk about ?, ask about Dot
He can’t walk since that nigga got (gunshot sound effect)
Broad day shooters, and they got a lot
That’s who I smoke ?
Think it’s a game, but it it’s not
Like, can’t wait ‘till I see Sdot
Like, I always keep one in the top
Oh you from ?, get sent to the doc


And DudeyLo smokin’ my deads
But Notti got stabbed in his chest
And E with the dot put thе dot to his head
Show no remorse. nigga, еverything dead
Like, why he keep sayin’ he fessed?
Like I ain’t throw shots to they ‘jects
Catch lil’ D, he get took out his flesh (ahh)

III: We Back Pt. 2

Huh, I’m not a loafer
Ask about Edot, we smoke him, like
Sally, Kelly, Brittany, that nigga a joke
And Kane got poked for some chicken, he cold
Told bro slow down, I gotta focus
Hop out, I’m tryna throw it
Shit get wet, this shit like the ocean
Niggas broke, they- ahhh

IV: Been Ready

Run in his house
His bitch talkin’ tough, put the gun in her mouth
Let’s see if you tough, ride out
Rah who I smoke, he timed out, huh (Rah)
Niggas be laced
They know my body, I’m the face
PSA, nobody safe
“What happened to Lotti?” I sent him to space

V: Explosive Freestyle

Like, why niggas sayin’ my name in they tracks?
When you run into me, better have your strap
Word to bro, I’mma ?
? on a beam had him duck in his hat
Real rap, this no cap
Angel got hit, started runnin’ track
I’m official, that’s the facts
Don’t try to front ‘cuz I’m quick to react
Who hotter?
Talk about ?, number 1 on that roster
? Kenzo G, top shotta
I get crafty, I’m good with the knocka, like
But, I’m gonna rock ‘em
I’m the top one, they said that I’m like ?, done doubt ‘em
Bro said “you tweakin”, threw a shot, huh
Like, I’m tryna work on my posture (work on my form)

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