CreateLadyJ – Snapp'n Lyrics

Snapp’n Lyrics CreateLadyJ 1 – CreateLadyJ Gettin\’ real sick of being played like a fool I ain’t fixing shit when I bring out the tool/ Thinkin they the one and be acting brand new Bare bones bitch, I will break you in two/ Whether you’re a chick or a lame ass dude Hands genderfluid, whatever …

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Irradiated Bloodbath – WiTCHKiLLER Lyrics

WiTCHKiLLER Lyrics Irradiated Bloodbath GONZO, murder me again : ToxiKasket Burn ‘em at the stake, so don’t freeze up All for good measure, we gon’ chop em, make 7 cuts Hittas got the key to the armory, so guess what? Hit me with it, go and try it, I will turn you into dust 1: …

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Irradiated Bloodbath – FULL STOP PUNCTUATiON Lyrics

FULL STOP PUNCTUATiON Lyrics Irradiated Bloodbath : ToxiKasket, slxshxr (Screaming and vomiting) I decapitate : ToxiKasket I decapitate with chainsaws and maul glands Rotor blades on the fan looking fit for the hands Deep down with the spiders, redrooms and white vans Modern day Mayhem, Bloodbath a dead band 1: slxshxr Animal bones and bullets …

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