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CreateLadyJ – Snapp'n Lyrics

Snapp’n Lyrics CreateLadyJ 1 – CreateLadyJ Gettin\’ real sick of being played like a fool I ain’t fixing shit when I bring out the tool/ Thinkin they the one and be acting brand new Bare bones bitch, I will break you in two/ Whether you’re a chick or a lame ass dude Hands genderfluid, whatever …

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2mørVs – On Extremism Lyrics

On Extremism Lyrics 2mørVs 1: Jonathan Pageau You know It\’s always this idea that- that we don\’t have Kind of this secular extremism You know, and it\’s like: What are you talking about? I mean, even the French Revolution Was exactly that I keep thinking You know, \’cause he talks about How he wants to …

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Vandalism (AUS) – Twisted Lyrics

Twisted Lyrics Vandalism (AUS) Intro Dude, you\’re talking to yourself? So freaky You\’re not breaking, my guy I\’m not the crazy part You\’re the crazy part! Refrain So twisted So twisted So twisted Verse 1 Your head is so twisted, you need some help Electronic voices inside yourself Pull your T-shirt out, out of your …

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