2mørVs – On Extremism Lyrics

On Extremism Lyrics 2mørVs 1: Jonathan Pageau You know It\’s always this idea that- that we don\’t have Kind of this secular extremism You know, and it\’s like: What are you talking about? I mean, even the French Revolution Was exactly that I keep thinking You know, \’cause he talks about How he wants to …

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Timont – Community Lyrics

Community Lyrics TimontSongtext zu „Community“ Intro: Criz MefGrind hard hab frei an kein’m Tag… Part 1: KBONWährend Sie schlafen, wache ich so langsam aufTräume sind gefangen in nem Hamsterrad, also laufImmer grade aus, geb nicht auf, warte draufJede Quest die du bestehst, zahlt sich auch am Ende ausHöre nur die MelodieIn meinem Kopf, weil ich …

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Thee_jay_gatsby – I Can Fly Lyrics

I Can Fly Lyrics Thee_jay_gatsbyLook at me momma no handsThe father said I can flyI had some holes in my pants I got a few in my socksFeel like a local my band pushing these vocals I rockThe microphone till it’s sand I’m on the beach with the stopsI’m on the beat with a lot …

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