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J.BravoC.A.G. – Just Outhere Lyrics

Just Outhere Lyrics: J.Bravo C.A.G. Intro: We was Just Out There We was Just Outhere {Verse One} I still walk the field, never left I\’m still holding on, can\’t accept I\’m a loser Bruised up from psychological warfare Bank shut down today, another bomb scare Don\’t knock for me at home, I\’m not there You\’re …

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M3nsv – Losing Interest Lyrics

Losing Interest Lyrics: M3nsv Peace over drama Distance over disrespect Blazing marijuana times when I am discontent Dissociation from reality to recollect Pour some Hennessey for all the memories that came and went Bad habits having ass nigga Under the moonlight time pass quicker Reminiscing on them nights there should\’ve never been Just reflections of …

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