Casper TNG – Jus Wanna Glock Lyrics

Jus Wanna Glock Lyrics

Casper TNG
Ayy, ayy
Yo! Big racks on me in the studio
No cap

Ripped all slims
Fly him out his Timb\’s
I ain\’t tryna fight you, I can see you hit the gym
I ain\’t going out like Yung Tory, got my stick
Got a switchy on my glick
It\’s a fifty on my wrist
RIP to the opps, now I\’m bored because they\’re dead
Had a beam on a Glock and I tried it on your friend
I know why they mad because we stomping on your friends
Stepping on your ends, I can\’t fuck she on her reds
Cartier lens, Bardi lens
Fuck a hoe I\’m chasing M\’s

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