Carter Ace – Blessed up (demo) Lyrics

Carter Ace

How am I still walking? Breathing?
You done gave me a proper beating
Through these times of us stuck, competing
You was not what I prayed for
Nowadays I don\’t talk or speak when
I can see my whole vibe depleting
Ain\’t no use in providin\’ reason
I just know what I\’m meant for
Every day, a new time you tweeting
Somethin\’ crazy that\’s got you heated
By the time that you try deletin\’
All your homies done left ya
Momma\’s calling me, crying, screamin\’
Tellin\’ me that my time is needed
Here I go again, fightin\’ demons
Sorry mom, I can\’t answer
Family man, but I never see them
All my cousins done got degrees and
I\’m the only one chasing dreams
That probably might never happen
Every girl I know tries to read me
They be saying all kinds of things, like
\”You an Aries! A Taurus, even\”
Sorry ma\’am, I\’m a cancer
All my life, I ain\’t smoke no weed
But I got close \’cause this life done beat me to a pulp
But I found something to help me cope with this pressure
It\’s these lyrics I write for me
That help me when I\’m in times of need
\’Cause I can\’t go to no therapy
Nope, I don\’t need a new lecture

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