BLP KOSHER – One Direction Lyrics

One Direction Lyrics


Mhm, 42 blocks

Aztro in the cut

I\’ma teach you how to rock

She be givin\’ top with no teeth, call her tooth fairy (Tooth fairy!)
I\’m strapped up with a Glock, but ion got contempt carry (Aye!)
I ain\’t playing cat & mouse, fuck I look like, Tom & Jerry? (Okay)
This my homegirl\’s pro models, ain\’t no ? (Yeah)
I be getting to the cheese, you can call me baby dairy (Like a dairy)
I\’ma get my watch to model ?, I fuck canary
I got lots of bars to spit, but ion need no dictionary (One direction)
Only goin\’ one direction with these straps, call me Harry

Hurricane Dorian

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