BLP KOSHER – Immune Lyrics

Immune Lyrics


Everybody human and shit, I want people to listen to my music and know dat
Everybody got they own problems goin\’ on and shit
We\’re all human, it\’s okay to be different though

Damn Spancy

out like a sore thumb, so be it
I\’ma start making love songs and shit, fuck it
BLP, block 42 shit, you know how I rock

I know I can fly, cause once I tried then I done flew
Only time I really give a speech is in the stu\’
I\’ma have to make some trash cracker, I might make some blues (Aye)
I be steppin\’ on these crackas and ion even need no shoes (Aye, ayе)
Once upon a time I changed a part of mе for you (I did)
I ain\’t bein\’ cocky, I\’m just sayin\’ that it\’s true (It\’s true)
If somebody tries to hurt you, I\’ma see them crackas soon (Soon)
But love hurts, I already got the Tetanus, I\’m immune

Everybody gang gang, until they mad to see you fly
Potato on the gun make \’em fries like Five Guys
I don\’t flip them patties, but I patch them up on burger fly

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