BLP KOSHER – Cheap Gas Lyrics

Cheap Gas Lyrics


(Hee hee hee)
I\’m a rap dad, fat ass drake on his hip
(He don\’t want pressure, cheap gas, I call him Costco)
Jews, BLP Kosher
Waterr, aye

They showin shade, suco
Them boys swet, glucose
That boy got pistol whipped right after tryna crack a Jew joke
I unlocked the cheat code, I\’m gettin\’ bread, brioche
That choppa lingers round my body like a bad BO
Come to Florida you\’ll get seasick, come to Broward catch a heat stroke
My name Kosher and I keep it
If it\’s beef I turn it keto
Keep that metal orthopedic, even tucked in my tuxedo
Santiago said he see it, kept it realer since Camino (Aye)

Gerber baby food, I turnt a dollar to Gazpacho
He don\’t want no pressure, cheap gas, I call him Costco
Jumped the fence and it was high, I do the most like I\’m Tiago
I been running through the storm with it, 380 in my poncho (Aye)
Extended mag, curve with them ridges like a bear claw
He hangin\’ out the window with his tongue out like a damn dog
Waterr, you had one job
I\’m clutchin\’ but I know nothin\’ bout\’ them gun laws
Aye, I feel like Slenderman I scare a crow
I met this bad one from Boulder, but I\’m not fuckin\’ with her tone
Cause I don\’t look like Post Malone
Screen shot that money, as long as you don\’t post my loan
No lushin\’ whore, please, we can\’t shoot the breeze
Cause I might be the odd man out, Jubilee
Climbin\’ trees, late bloomer, think I lost my sense of humor
Uncoordinated walkdowns, what the fuck goin\’ on with these bloopers?

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