BlameItOnBair – Feb 25th Lyrics

Feb 25th Lyrics


Nah nah nah no sometimes you can be a bitch tho like

I wish I saw myself like you do

And i been trying to forget it

Yeah idk why i just give up

And idk why let me get up

(yeah) you look so good and i know it

Yeah my emotions cannot show it

And i really wish i did

Cause it would all work out

And i really wish i did

(alright) i remember seeing you for the first time (WET)

My face got red butterflies and i don’t know why


And i don’t know why

Yeah i wish i didn’t mess up
Yeah i gotta know that

I wish i didn’t give up
And now i gotta show that i care

I can’t lose you

No i can’t lose you

You remind me of the past

Something i wish that i could just get back

Sitting with you right on my lap

Oh idc you like it like that

I likе your smile nah i rlly love it

Yeah and i know you hatе getting fucked with

But i’m happy we worked out

And im happy that we lucked out

I dooo i dooo

Yeah and i know you gon be there forever

Yeah and i know you gon be there whenever

Yeah and i love when u text me

Knowing when the nonfiction it pop out

And know when I\’m comin on over it’s going down

And knowing that i can talk to you about anything

In my heart pinged

Sam I love you

Ouuuu i know

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